Student taking notes on paper

Majors and Concentrations

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Books on a desk

General Literary Studies (GLS)

Student working with the spectro tray.

General Science

Vance Byrd, Assistant Professor of German teaches one of his classes in one of the small classrooms in ARH.

German Studies

Students in a small group in the Grille area of the JRC.

Global Development Studies (GDS)

Sarah Purcel, L F Parker Professor of History, teaches in Noyce


Students at Latin America festival

Latin American Studies (LAS)

Student studying in Burling Library


Students sit at table with professor


Student playing instrument during Mark Laver, Assistant Professor of Music Rehearsal


Group of students study in Noyce study nook


Student talking during classroom discussion

Peace and Conflict Studies

Tammy Nyden, Associate Professor of Philosophy, teaches a class in Steiner Hall


Student using the climbing wall

Physical Education

Jacob Willig-Onwuachi's, physics study group


Students study in Burling Library

Policy Studies

Florin Citu '96, senator in Romania

Political Science

Student studying in Burling library with ear buds in


Caleb Elfenbein, Assistant Professor of History and Religious Studies meets with a small group of students in the Iowa Room in the basement of Burling Library

Religious Studies

Russian nesting doll on an ARH gargoyle


Lana Katai '12, talks with friends in the Spencer Grill

Kevin Gubner working in the lab

Science, Medicine, and Society

Students enjoy the weather outdoors


Mirzam Perez, Associate Professor of Spanish, teaches outside


2 students with computer monitors in foreground


old map focused on africa, the middle east, and sounthern asia


Students in Lee Running, Associate Professor of Art, drawing class use observational drawing techniques during a trip to the Conrad Evironmental Research Area

Studio Art

Tech rehearsal for the play Nice Fish

Technology Studies

Celeste Miller, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance, runs through a rehearsal with students in the Roberts Theatre

Theatre and Dance

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